Monday, December 22, 2008

Parting Thoughts on Kerala

The snow is 18 inches deep in Seattle right now. But frosty clumps are falling off the tree branches and spiky icicles are dripping from the eves of houses. It's melting. But I can't quite quit dreaming of Kerala yet. There are a few more sights that stick in my mind about the tropical paradise. For example:

 Women wearing sprays of creamy colored fragrant jasmine in their glossy black hair.

 Billions of bananas in green, yellow, and red.

 Groves of rubber trees with little black pots attached to catch the slow-dripping milky white latex. The cup fills over night.

 Small battered trucks and buses gaily painted bright yellow, orange, and red. They look like well-used and well loved children's tin toys.

 Hindu temples and gods and goddesses painted colors so vibrant the entrances look like something from a Disneyland ride.

 The slightly creepy, life-like statues of gurus, as well as Mary, Jesus and other Christian personalities behind glass. Single and tri-level structures presumably keep their clothes and countenances clean.

 The Jesus Christ Market with a picture of an open-armed Jesus inviting shoppers to stop by.

 A 75-year old Ghandi look-alike weaver hand-looming fabric.

 My "foot" massage at the resort where the girl clung to a rope for balance while she massaged me with her foot as I laid on the floor.

Kerala was a feast for the senses. I'm anxious to visit this state again, to eat, relax, and greedily take in the sights.

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